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The buzz is growing around the world – Maya The Bee is the star of VARTA’s new lights for kids

She is small with black and yellow stripes, and has inspired generations of children for decades – who else could it be but Maya The Bee? Just in time for the launch of the second season of the 3D animated series, VARTA Consumer Batteries is presenting a new range of lights, bringing the quick-thinking bee and her friends directly from the blooming poppy meadow to kids’ rooms. Whether it’s with Maya The Bee flashlights, the night light or wall light – great adventures, happy voyages of discovery and dreams as sweet as honey are guaranteed, with no limits to children’s imaginations. The new lights will be available from September (Maya The Bee Flashlight and Maya The Bee Night Light) and October (Maya The Bee Wall Light) 2017.

Always ready for new adventures

Maya The Bee is a bee like no other. Although she is just as small as other bees, she often “flies” a little against the grain. Every day, she is off on new adventures with her friends Willy and Flip – and is at least as curious as the children following her stories. Thanks to their shatterproof lenses and robust housing made of ABS plastic, the lights in bee yellow and grasshopper green can handle any challenge. A print on the handle matches the colors – while Maya and Willy adorn the yellow flashlight, Flip joins the two bees on the green one. In addition, the flashlights are robust enough to survive a fall from a height of one meter unscathed.

                                                    Maya The Bee Flashlight              Maya The Bee Night Light             Maya The Bee Wall Light
Green with Maya, Willi & Flip
                                                  Yellow with Maya & Willi
Dimensions (WxH):                  39 x 154 mm                                    110 x 172 mm                             (WxHxD): 289 x 252 x 88 mm
Weight:                                      51 g                                                  251 g                                                568 g
Beam range:                              up to 13 m                                       up to 2 m                                          up to 2 m
Runtime:                                    up to 16 h                                        up to 330 h                                       up to 330 h
Total light output:                     up to 3 lm                                        up to 4 lm                                         up to 4.5 lm
Light source:                             1 x 5 mm cool white LED                2 x 3 mm cool white LED                 3 x 3 mm cool white LED
Batteries (incl.):                       2 x AA High Energy                          3 x AA High Energy                           3 x AA High Energy
Warranty:                                  3 years                                              3 years                                              3 years
RRP (incl. VAT):                        € 6.99                                                 € 19.99                                              € 19.99

Dreams as sweet as honey

Sleep doesn’t always come easily to the little ones after an exciting day full of experiences – all those new impressions need to be properly processed, after all. Sweet dreams are guaranteed with the new Maya The Bee Night Light and the new Maya The Bee Wall Light. Standing on a red flower, Maya sends tired children to the land of sweet dreams with her bright smile. All that’s needed is a quick touch on the touch sensor on one of the flower petals, and then Maya starts to shine her light. The night light can be conveniently adjusted to one of two light modes using a slide switch beneath the flower, ensuring that the children’s room always has the right lighting atmosphere for bedtime. And to save parents from having to tiptoe into their sleeping children’s rooms to switch off the light, each level of brightness comes with a shut-off function that automatically switches the light off after 30 (high mode) or 60 (low mode) minutes. Everything is now ready to ensure deep sleep and wonderful dreams.

The little bee with her honeycomb moves right into the children’s room with the battery-powered Maya The Bee Wall Light. Once mounted to the wall, the light makes it look like Maya is just about to slip out of her golden honeycomb and buzz through the air. Just like the Maya The Bee Night Light, the wall light is also adjustable with two light modes and switches on and off with a touch sensor on the edge of the honeycomb. It also switches off automatically after 30 or 60 minutes – even the busiest bee has to sleep sometime.

Request a sample:

Are you a journalist and feel like testing a Maya The Bee kids light? No problem! We are happy to arrange to send you a sample. Simply get in touch with us by writing to varta@haebmau.de.

Further information can be found at www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.


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